Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Working together to resolve your conflict in a future focused, mutual, and cost-effective way.

Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre provides an excellent venue for all family mediations with its calm, safe and comfortable presence. Our qualified and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (Mediators) can assist with all family related disputes including parenting, property, and financial matters. Both self-represented and legally represented parties are welcomed.

Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners do not provide legal advice or legal services.
They provide dispute resolution services, being compulsory dispute resolution (prior to filing of an Application to the Family Courts or by way of Court ordered mediation) or as instigated by the parties directly, with a benefit of avoiding lengthy, costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming litigation. The parties to a mediation have a say, and retain some certainty, as to a mutual outcome / result rather than effectively losing control of the outcome by allowing a third party (eg a Judge) to make a decision for them of which, the parties may not like or benefit from.

We have accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners ready and available to assist you.

Our family mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are accredited by and registered with the Attorney General’s Department (Australian Government).

Avoid lengthy, costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming litigation.  Control the outcome yourself and without recourse to a Court ordered resolution.

How We Can Help

1. Family Mediations

Offering family mediation for parenting disputes, other family disputes including children (e.g. grandparent contact) and disputes involving property division, spousal maintenance and child support issues.

2. Parenting Plans

Co-Parenting agreements that are made in the child’s best interest and which are mutual, practical, and future focused.

3. Child Inclusive Mediations

This is where the child’s voice becomes part of the mediation process to assist the parents to come to a child focused, mutual, practical, and future focused parenting arrangement.

4. Section 60i Certificates

Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are authorised to issue Section 60i Certificates pursuant to the Family Law Act for parenting matters.


Family Dispute Resolution (‘FDR’) is where parties that have disputes arising from separation or divorce, along with their legal representation, if engaged, hold a joint mediation conference with a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (‘FDRP’), independent of the parties to discuss, negotiate and try to resolve some or all issues relating to the care and welfare of the child/children.

FDR is a necessary step, and it is mandatory for both parties to make a genuine effort to resolve their parentings dispute by way of FDR, prior to filing an Application to the Family and Federal Circuit Court of Australia (‘the Court’).

FDR Is a much more time and cost-effective way to resolve parenting disputes, rather than making an application to the Court, which may incur lengthy delays in reaching a final decision and can be an expensive path to take. When parties attend an FDR conference, they have more say as to the final parenting orders being made, rather than having a Judge determine the matter on behalf of the parties (an outcome that neither parent may like).

We offer mediation, via our resident and panel mediators (accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners), in the following areas of family and relationship disputes:

  • Section 60i Certificates
  • Parenting disputes – parents requiring a parenting plan, disputes involving relocation, schooling, care, a breakdown in communication and cultural issues
  • Property division, financial (assets in dispute) and spousal maintenance disputes
  • Post separation disputes (Married & De Facto) – living and financial circumstances
  • Child Support disputes
  • Grandparent (access & care) disputes
  • Child inclusive disputes

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (“FDRP”) is a mediator who is accredited by the Commonwealth Attorney General and whose role is to facilitate and manage the mediation conference, assisting the parties to communicate with one another, encouraging discussion and discourse, assisting the parties to isolate causes and issues of past conflicts and to find common ground and shared goals. This is achieved by facilitating negotiations (through respectful communication), managing the flow of communication, enabling the parties to make mutually informed decisions, changes, and agreements that prevent / reduce conflict in the future and otherwise improve the parties relationship with mutual gain in mind.

Importantly the FDRP is not a decision maker and although they have obligations under the Family Law to ensure that the parties are focused on child interest and co-parenting principles, they do not provide the parties with general legal advice (whether together or separately) – that is for separate legal representation and advice (if required).  Having said that,

At the conclusion of FDR, all going well, the parties will have negotiated a mutual and future focused agreement which, with the assistance of the FDRP will be reduced into writing as a Parenting Plan or Heads of Agreement which can then form the basis of Consent Orders of the Court if required.

Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre provides a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for both self-represented and legally represented parties, to conduct confidential family dispute resolution. Our qualified, accredited, and experienced mediators (accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) use proven skills, process, and tools to facilitate structured discussion assisting the parties to work together to resolve their family and relationship disputes (both parenting and property / financial disputes), achieving a mutually beneficial, faster, and more cost-effective way to resolve disputes as compared with Court based where the outcome is decided by a Judge.

Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre offers multiple methods of family and relationships mediation including single mediator, shuttle mediation (in matters of high conflict), child inclusive mediation and co-mediator mediations. 

As well as direct Family Dispute Resolution services, Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre also provides an excellent venue for mediation conference hire, offering wheelchair access, two large boardrooms with virtual technology facilities, two breakout rooms, large reception area and an outdoor area.



Accreditations & Registrations:

  • Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS Accreditation Standards)
  • Member Resolution Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • Queensland Law Society Approved Mediator

Murray is a nationally accredited, registered and experienced Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP). Murray’s use of his skills, knowledge and experience gives the parties the best chance of resolving their dispute with mutually beneficial outcomes.

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