Areas of Mediation

Whilst SDRC principally offers mediation in the following areas, please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we will be happy to discuss whether we are able to assist with resolving any other type of dispute.

Family and Relationship Disputes

Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre provides safe, secure and comfortable environment for our mediators (whether resident, panel or visiting mediators) and parties to conduct confidential dispute resolution. Our mediators use proven skills, process and tools to facilitate structured discussion assisting the parties to work together to resolve their disputes, acheiving a mutually beneficial, faster and more cost-effective way to resolve their disputes as compared with Court based resolution.

Mediation provides the opportunity to the parties to engage in dispute resolution that is proven to be mostly successful. It is the most cost effective and time efficient way in which to deal with a family and relationship dispute – eliminating significant expense, process anxiety, emotional stress, time consuming and inconvenience of the Court process and Court based resolution by Judgment.  This is recognised by most family law disputes having to firstly mediate disputes before an application can be made to the Family Courts or before they will progress a matter to a hearing.

We offer mediation, via our resident and panel mediators, in the following areas of family and relationship disputes:

  • Section 60i Certificates 
  • Parenting disputes – parents requiring a parenting plan, disputes involving relocation, schooling, care, a breakdown in communication and cultural issues 
  • Property division, financial (assets in dispute) and spousal maintenance disputes
  • Post separation disputes (Married & De Facto) – living and financial circumstances
  • Child Support disputes 
  • Grandparent (access & care) disputes 
  • Child inclusive disputes 

Our mediators can assist self-represented parties or legally represented parties or a combination of both.  You don’t need a lawyer to be engaged in the mediation process however, particularly for property and financial matters, it will always be beneficial for a party to have received advice about their rights, obligations and likely outcomes should a matter proceed to Court either prior to the mediation or before an agreement is reached.

We offer face to face or virtual mediations, or a combination of both.

Wills and Estate Disputes

Stradboke Dispute Resolution Centre provides confidential mediation services (whether prior to or after Court litigation commencing) to self-represented parties and to parties that have already engaged the assistance of legal representation.  Our mediators are skilled and trained to resolve these kinds of disputes and can do so in person, virtually or a combination of both.

Unfortunately, family tensions rise to the surface, or are created, when they are dealing with the care and wellbeing of elderly family members or at a time of their death.  These times, exacerbated by the emotional states caused by that kind of loss, lead to significant stress and tension between a family unit and loved ones. Sometimes, previous tensions come to the surface during these times leading to significant dispute, and if not resolved, can cause ongoing tension and loss of family connection.  We see some instances where a dispute can be over, what some parties may see as, a “trivial” matter but escalate to a much larger range of disputes – without intervention causes a complete breakdown of relationships.  Our skilled mediators can assist all parties to reach agreement about the “obvious” and “not so obvious” issues, leading to a resolution that is mutually beneficial, future focused and accounts for the interests and needs of all parties concerned.

Mediation, through our Centre, can assist the parties to resolve these disputes in a safe, courteous and structured manner. Our mediators assist the parties to have meaningful dialog with each other with all parties interests and needs in mind – A mediated outcome is likely to lead to some semblance of the family unit being kept together, avoiding significantly costly and emotionally stressful litigation.  A mediated resolution to the dispute will allow parties to move on and grieve appropriately.

Mediation through Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre should be your first point of call should you fall into dispute about any of these issues and before the dispute escalates out of control and inevitably leads to Court intervention – no one will “win” should that occur.

Employment and Workplace

Stradbroke Dispute Resolutions Centre’s services in this area are for employers, employees, management and human resource departments to take advantage of a confidential, timely and cost effective way to settle and resolve workplace disputes.

Should you be an employer or an employee that is the subject of, or feeling like you may be the subject of, a workplace dispute, Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre can offer mediation services to avoid the impact that such dispute is likely to have on a workplace through loss of time, loss of productivity and loss of income not to mention the psychological impacts that an unresolved dispute has on all parties and the resulting costly and time sapping industrial relations fallout.

Workplace disputes can arise though a number of ways, and in any type of business whether large or small, corporate or family business, and often occur between co-workers, management / supervisors involving things such as management or leadership style conflicts, personality conflicts, communication breakdowns, staffing requirements, job role descriptions and demarcation, employment terms and conditions, workplace culture and systems, allegations of workplace bullying (including cyber bullying), discrimination and/or harassment.  An early intervention of these kinds of disputes, by mediation as a dispute resolution method, will not only save the parties time but will enable the workplace to function as it should and the parties avoiding further stress and, in some instances, psychological harm and achieving positive ongoing working relationships. The mediation process is confidential and designed to help all parties communicate effectively, focusses the parties on what is important to them and generate options – leading to the facilitation of workable agreements.

Being faced with a workplace dispute warrants a strategy that eliminates the possibility of disruption, distraction and financial and emotional cost.  It is a prudent employer, or Human Resources Manager, who uses mediation as a helpful tool to avoid, and minimise, the impacts of workplace disputes on all who are part of that dispute.

Our skilled mediators can, confidentially, independently and impartially, facilitate open discussions with employers and employees to successfully diffuse situations and ultimately resolve problems between colleagues.

Consumer and Commercial

Business reputation and good corporate / business citizenship is paramount to success of a business, whether large or small, in the provision of goods and / or services.  These traits can be undone by unresolved disputes between consumers, clients and other businesses (suppliers or contractors). For a business to be able to appropriately handle consumer complaints, so as to satisfy both the business and the complainant, will go a long way to minimise the impact of further erosion of faith and confidence in that business by the complainant or by the community.

Resolution by mediation of commercial complaints and disputes will lead to the protection and, in most cases, enhancement of the business’s reputation and standing in commercial dealings.   It is well recognised in the business marketing area, the effect of bad reviews on social media platforms can’t be underestimated and may have a significant effect on the ability of the business to establish and maintain its reputation. Unfortunately, most of these negative reviews come after attempts have been made to make a complaint to a business which is effectively ignored or put in the “too hard basket”.

Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre can assist in alleviating the risk of a consumer complaint or commercial dispute getting out of hand.

It is essential for good business practice that all complaints raised by consumers, clients, suppliers or contractors are dealt with in a timely, effective and collaborative manner.  Taking steps to resolve complaints refers back to the reputation of the business and good complaint procedures should be part of those steps – Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre can assist business in taking collaborative steps to assist with the resolution of commercial and consumer complaints or disputes, in a timely and cost effect manner, by way of confidential mediation.

Similarly, should you be a client, consumer, contractor or supplier to a business and you have a consumer complaint or other dispute about the goods and / or services that your have received, Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre will assist you, and the business concerned, to look to resolve a complaint or dispute, by way of confidential mediation.  This will avoid further erosion of faith and confidence as between the parties. It will provide the business with enhanced reputation in the corporate and commercial community. It will provide satisfaction of all parties involved that a complaint or dispute has been resolved in a timely, collaborative and cost effective manner.

Our experienced and skilled mediators at Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre will assist business, government agencies, not for profit organisations and consumers resolve any dispute that they may have leading to savings of time and cost, reducing inconvenience and enhancing business reputation and image.